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The Nation, "On Laos, not so much 'quiet' as discreet," April 20, 2014

The Bangkok Post, "True Stories," February 10, 2014

Keynote Speaker, Luce Scholars Annual Dinner, June 21, 2011

Keynote Speaker, Princeton in Asia Annual Dinner, May 16, 2011

"No other personal account of contemporary Laos is as informative, under-the-surface and well-written….  Dakin makes Vientiane jump off the printed page."
 "Per una descrizione del Laos contemporaneo basata sull' esperienza personale, si puo leggere Another Quiet American di Brett Dakin; l'autore ... esamina con interesse lo stile i vita dei suoi colleghi, sa quelli laotiani sia quelli falang."
"Another Quiet American, by Brett Dakin, is a witty, personal account of recent travels in the county, and paints the state of the nation through the eyes of a young American among raucous expats in Vientiane."

 "An amusing and informed account of life in contemporary Laos by a former American resident of Vientiane."

Book Review, Far Eastern Economic Review


"The book is an excellent contribution to a better understanding of life in Asia outside the big cities and the usual expatriate enclaves where many Westerners spend their time."


Brett Dakin Radio Interview with Art on Air

Book Review, Bangkok Post 

"Providing a much needed contemporary examination, Dakin's on-the-ground observations form just the type of book travellers can enjoy, one that puts their experiences in context and sheds light on a still enigmatic country." 

Book Review, South China Morning Post


"Another Quiet American is honest, well written, entertaining and informative. Dakin provides unusual insights, however distorted the eyes of a westerner may be, into Laos." 

Book Review, Hmong Arts, Books, and Crafts
"If you only ever read one book about Laos make it this one." 
 "Dakin's experiences of working in Laos, with some interesting cultural insights."

Book Review, West by Northwest

"After reading this, you will feel, smell, hear, and see what the author did. The stories never seem to hide anything -- the author is very honest in his experience. Dakin manages to do what every author wants; that is, he really does make his experiences his readers as well."

Book Review, Metro Magazine
"Truthful to the bone and very direct, Dakin speaks freely of how the two people perceive another.  The result is a sharp yet delightful insightful into one of the two forgotten nations of Southeast Asia."

Brett Dakin Reading at Monument Books, Vientiane, Laos

France Morin & Brett Dakin Radio Interview with Art on Air 

"Laos Still Recovering from Endless War,"

"Dakin '98 chronicles experience in Laos," The Daily Princetonian

Book Review, Farang Magazine

"Another Quiet American definitely has its flaws and its strong points, but given that there are very few books written about modern Vientiane, this is probably the best introduction available on the subject.  Dakin does manage to cover a lot of the little details that make life interesting and often surreal in the deceptively sleepy capital." 

"Hmong, Mien history is subject of new book," Merced Sun-Star


"Dakin manages to draw the reader into an utterly foreign world where Communism and Buddhism exist side by side, modernity and tradition mingle awkwardly, the absurdities of a government that allows certain freedoms and suppresses others." 

Book Review, Pattaya Mail

"Dakin has managed to find all the various parts that can make up any society, and describe the Laos variety with such clarity, you can begin to feel that you ‘know’ the characters he describes."   

"Our Man in Laos," Harvard Law Bulletin


"Dakin says his time in Laos was like a dream--a time of unparalleled freedom. He traveled the unpaved streets of the city's capital on his motor scooter, went to festivals, hung out with his Lao neighbors, got to know the expat community." 

"Laos threatened by sex and drugs," The Australian

"Laos: Sex, drugs and inner tubes," Global Post

webassets/globalpostheader_logo.jpg""Each time a young Australian woman strolls down the street in a bikini, a bearded American smokes a joint on a guesthouse terrace, or a group of Koreans tumbles drunkenly out of a restaurant, it saps a little more of the essence of a town like Vang Vieng," said Brett Dakin, the author of Another Quiet American, a chronicle of two years in Laos working for the tourist authority."

Book Review, Sidwell Friends Alumni Magazine

"Brett articulates what many who has lived overseas have discovered: there is a linearity to life that allows us to respond to daily experiences and serendipitous encounters.  This disappears quickly when we return home, as the last chapter, "Forgetting," states so poignantly." 

Book Review, The Irrawaday

"Another Quiet American is entertaining and informative. It's cheaper than a trip to Laos."  

"Laos, the Tribunal, and Everything: An Interview with Brett Dakin," American Book Center, The Hague
"Book Pirates of the Mekong," Good Morning Chiangmai 
"Another Quiet American is a must-read if you are interested in Laos, an accessible yet thorough portrait of the country."

Marc Leguay

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